Helping providers care for their patients to improve health and wellbeing.

As a provider owned and led plan whose owners have served North Carolina for over 100 years, My Health by Health Providers and community providers are already partners in delivering care throughout our state.

Community practices are integral to the fabric of healthcare in NC and will be an important part of the health care infrastructure as we move forward. North Carolina’s Medicaid program has benefitted from a historically high physician participation rate. We are not only committed to sustaining these high levels but increasing participation through strategies designed and led by providers.

Our approach to supporting providers is developed and led by our Physician Leadership Council (PLC). The PLC is comprised of respected physicians from our health systems who represent multiple disciplines and communities across North Carolina. We are developing an Independent Provider Advisory Committee (IPAC), in order to gain the valuable perspective and expertise of independent providers across North Carolina. Through the PLC and IPAC webenefit from valuable expertise, clinical knowledge, and experience managing the Medicaid population.

Our Commitments to Community Providers

As a provider-owned and led plan, My Health by Health Providers will:

Create and expand new and needed services as we move from managing patients to managing populations.

Support community providers in accessing care for complex patients and those in need of specialized services through unique programs designed with our owner health systems.

Compensate providers for important mechanisms to extend care such as provider based Care Management and Telemedicine services.

Partner to develop and support community health worker programs.

Collaborate with community partners to improve health for Medicaid beneficiaries.

Eliminate barriers through thoughtful program design and value based reimbursement.