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Provider-Owned and Led Plans – A Nationally Recognized Model

May 25, 2017:  Integrated Delivery Systems Outperform Traditional Health Insurance Models

Integrated delivery systems dominate rankings: Health plans that utilize an integrated delivery system (IDS)—a network of healthcare and health insurance organizations presented to members as a single delivery organization—outperform traditional health plans on every factor measured in the study.

The Member Health Plan Study, now in its 11th year, measures satisfaction among members of 168 health plans in 22 regions throughout the United States by examining six key factors: coverage and benefits; provider network; communication; claims processing; premiums; and customer service. The study also touches on several other key aspects of the experience including plan enrollment and member engagement.

Coordination of care among healthcare providers is the single most important criteria influencing member satisfaction with their health plan, according to the J.D. Power 2017 Member Health Plan Study.

“Amidst sweeping changes in healthcare delivery and payment models, our data is showing that the one thing consumers value most is clear-cut, easy access to doctors and other healthcare providers,” said Valerie Monet, senior director of U.S. insurance operations at J.D. Power. “This puts health insurers in a unique position because so much of their perceived value is reliant upon positive interactions with providers. These findings set the stage for the future of healthcare in which close coordination among health plans and providers that reduces friction points for members will be the key to success.”

My Health by Health Providers will be a first-of-its-kind provider owned and led model for North Carolina.  Through the commitment and collaboration of 12 North Carolina health systems in a single, integrated financing and care delivery system, our partnership paves the way for a new model of managed care.