What brings us together,
sets us apart.

My Health by Health Providers is the North Carolina Medicaid program designed and managed by North Carolina Provider Owned Plans, Inc., a collaboration of twelve of North Carolina's leading healthcare systems in partnership with Presbyterian Healthcare Services, a New Mexico-based healthcare system.

These health systems and their more than 15,000 physician partners bring their clinical expertise and experience to delivering patient-centered care to the state, paving the way to providing an exceptional experience for North Carolina patients and members served by Medicaid.

Our partnership with Presbyterian has allowed us to create a more efficient administrative cost model for North Carolina which results in more dollars invested in direct healthcare. Presbyterian will lend its expertise as a provider-owned and led plan as our North Carolina-based leadership team and our partners use the knowledge of our health systems and other stakeholders to design programs that meet the needs of North Carolinians.

“While each institution has always worked to help their local residents and patients, this is a critical time for all of these systems to join together in the shared interest and benefit of patients served by Medicaid as well as with independent healthcare providers across the state.”

Mike Steiner, M.D.

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Co-chair, My Health by Health Providers Physician Leadership Council

“This effort represents the best of North Carolina’s collaborative spirit. By working together to create a Medicaid plan, the leading health systems in the state have demonstrated their commitment to North Carolina. My Health by Health Providers will optimize the health of those we serve while maximizing value through provider led innovation and best practices.”

Devdutta Sangvai, M.D.

Duke University Health System

Co-chair, My Health by Health Providers Physician Leadership Council